Thursday, February 18, 2016

Creating a Vintage Craftsman Magnetic Tip Screwdriver

Creating a Vintage Craftsman Magnetic Tip Screwdriver

Today is February 16, 2016 and i am going to explain how I was able to make the tip screwdriver by using solid works. 

Q1. What is a Vintage Craftsman Magnetic Tip Screwdriver?

Q2. How many times and what features did you use for this project?

A. I used Loft once, cut extrude three times, boss extrude three times , cut revolve twice , and fillet eight times.

Step 1: You make one circle on the top plane and then you duplicate that same circle on another plane and loft it. The size of the circle is 1.18 in and it is lofted 2.28 in.

 Step 3: I went on Top Plane and sketched a square on the edge of the circle. I ten proceeded to do a circular pattern of 6 and extruded out 2.28 in.

Q3: Did anyone help you with this project?

A. When I'm stuck I tend to ask either Mr.G, my friend at the right of me who is Alejandro, and Rey.

Step 4:  Since the screw was more boxy than rectangular, i had to make rectangles on the circular parts and extruded through all so it can make more of a hexagon shape.

Q4: Did anyone have a similar project as yours?

A. Actually yes, I had two friends who did similar projects and who helped me when I was stuck on what my next step would be.

Step 5: I went to the bottom of the sketch I had and made a circle on that surface. Then I extruded out 2.25 in.

Q5. What did you learn by doing this project?

A. I learned how to make a real object with real measurements on solidworks. I also learned how to play around with the features and get the same results as what I would've gotten if I would've done it Mr.G's way. 

Step 6: I sketched a trapezoid and then revolved cut which made the following image.

Q6. How long did it take you to complete this project?

A. I worked on this project for about 2 and a half weeks.

Step 7: I made a circle at the end of the revolved cut cylinder. And then I extruded 3.06 in.

Q7. What was the most difficult part of doing this project?

A. I would have to say that the most difficult part of the project was when i revolved cut the handle.

Step 8: Then I sketched a hexagon at the end of the circle I just extruded. After I made the hexagon, I extruded .59 in.

Q8: Was this assignment difficult?

A. Although the screwdriver had many complex features, I was able to easily complete my assignment. 

Step 9: I filleted the bottom of the yellow part of the screw driver, because at first it has straight edges, and its more found then anything. So i had to do that to every individual bottom part that was boxy.

Q9: Do you find yourself using the solidworks program in your near future?

A. Although solidworks is an interesting program, i do not see myself using this program

Step 10: I made this pattern, and then used a center line to mirror it and then I Revolved cut. And it turned out as the following picture.

Q10. How many parts does the screwdriver have?

A. Considering that this assignment had asked for a 1 part object i chose this item.

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